Run-up to Dimensions

dimensions_beachOver the past half a decade, Croatia has asserted itself as a sort of holy ground for electronic music lovers. With sun, sea and incredible sound, festivals such as Outlook, Dimensions and Unknown seem a far cry from the wet, muddy fields we insist on bathing in here in the UK.

With Outlook in full swing I find myself frantically packing my bags for Dimensions and with only a few days to go I thought what better opportunity to talk about some of the most anticipated acts.


With a set on the Tief boat and two on dry land, there’s no excuse for missing this guy. All three sets will be incredibly eclectic and versatile, as, over the years, Midland has really established himself as an artist with a wonderfully diverse record collection and a natural instinct for working a dance floor. With a penchant for African percussion and idiosyncratic vocals, Midland’s sets magnificently satisfy the void between house and techno. If you are in pursuit of something a little different, Midland is your man.

Three Chairs

Not too dissimilar to the team of superhumans in the 2012 film The Avengers, Three Chairs is the combination of four legendary DJs: Moodymann, Rick White, Theo Parrish and Marcellus Pittman. If you’re wondering what happened to the fourth chair I don’t actually know but I quite like the image of Parrish sitting on Moody’s lap. Anyway this renowned quartet has an astonishing eight and a half hour set that will undoubtedly consist of soulful house, funk and disco cuts spun expertly on wax while Moody speaks nonsensically in that incredible voice of his. The ultimate feel good set.

Floating Points

Eglo co-founder Sam Shepherd, better known as Floating Points, is one of the most creative and technically brilliant producer/composer/DJs that electronic music has been blessed with. Whether it is the fact that he is a neuroscientist by day that sets him apart from the crowd or that he was classically trained from a young age, who knows. What I do know is that this talented individual will serve up a treat on  the Eglo boat party, his three-hour set outside the fort and his contribution to Friday’s beach party. His fusion of jazz, garage and house will have the entire crowd in awe.

The line up for this festival is quite simply phenomenal and so I could only select a few of the acts that I’m most looking forward to. I wish everyone going a good time and I hope those who aren’t are considering buying tickets for next year. Stay tuned for a review upon my probable return.

Visit the Dimensions website here.



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