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General Enquiries.

Need some info? Anything we should know? Just desperate for someone to talk to? Contact

Music and Mix Submission.

If you are a producer, DJ, band, singer, songwriter, label, promoter, alien or anybody/anything who feels some music belongs on here then feel free to dive in and get in touch – we’re always hungry for new material to bite on.

For guest mix submission use our general enquiries email Please remember to submit mixes with relevant links and attachments, or through file-sharing websites, and don’t be a bellend – remember to include all relevant information i.e. artist name, your real name, genre, social networks and any other important material.

Please bare in mind that our flood-gates are constantly open and consequently we’re often drowning in a high quantity of emails – we can’t respond to them all! Though we do try are best. Unless, of course, in the rare circumstance where your submission is somewhat rude and presumptuous – we might ignore you then until you learn some bloody manners – you devilish rascals you!

Press and Advertising.

If you want to send us a press release please email or alternatively a writer of your choice.

We are currently unable to advertise on our website due to WordPress’ terms and conditions however we’re going to migrate to our own domain in the future. At this point we will be happy to advertise things related specifically to the blog.

To contact one of our writers directly please use the email addresses below.

Josh – official Founder, Owner & Big Bossman –

Peter – the Right-Hand Man and potential new-era Gilles Peterson –

Ryan – Outrageous Journalist, Musical Sponge –

Sam – World-Wonderer, all-round Nice Guy, House, House, House Music –

Jack – Absolute Lemon, Ridiculous DJ –

James – Intellectual. Prang-Weasel. Fiend. Empire Crafter –

Joe – Riding into the darkest corners of electronics –

Social Networks.

Find us on Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter and YouTube.


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