Mikal – Wilderness LP [Metalheadz]: THE BEST BITS

Mikal Wilderness best bits cover art

We’ve been suckling on teaser-leak previews ever since we entered the new year and now the time has finally come. The filthy stop out by the name of Mikael Willett, otherwise known as Mikal, has been busying about the airwaves releasing mad breaks and techy dnb for donkeys’ but it’s only now that this familiar and furious rasclazzum has come to do the big dirty; he’s gone and made an album.

The Wilderness début only slipped from the iron-grip of Metalheadz‘ bustling catalogue last week and it lives up to every industrial-sounding standard any self respecting Head[z] could expect; aggressive, raring, break-filled, crunchy, hard-hitting badness right from untouched wilds of Mikal’s uncharted subconscious.

As far as quick fixes go Wilderness is a 17-track giant and we’ve done our best to cut it down to the very best bits…

Turns out there’s 11 “best bits” so…

Purchase your copy on Wax or Digital here





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