Trailer Park Blah | When things you love combine: Lee Scott – Kitties [Blah Records]

Le'Bub Skittie - Lee Scott vs. Bubbles Art

Both of the following joys of my life can be accredited to that whimsical night-pal of mine: Mac MingusLane (and his doobilous recommendations of the highest calibre.)

Mingus has been easing the sounds of the depressed and downtrodden Lee Scott into my lugs [on and off] for a good 3 years now but it was only really come 2015 that I finally picked up the Blah Records mantle and started investigating for myself. Suffice to say; it didn’t take finishing the first track to conclude that I was 100% sold – the cynical, rhythmical spittle of this dreary northern bastard and the entire Blah Records ensemble are refreshing to say the least, in the most bleak and broken of ways.

Likewise it was late last year that Mac implored I give the long-running mocumentary comedy series, Trailer Park Boys, a go. I’d previously tried, late one night, an episode and given up within less than 2 minutes. Second time around, Mingus by my side, I was only the same 2 minutes in and laughing out loud – a perfect picture of one of life’s most valuable yet basic lessons: book covers mean shit all and first impressions are swayed by yourself as much they are the impression’er, so don’t be a cunt, basically.

It only makes sense then that this morning – now that I’m 8 Trailer Park Boys’ seasons-deep and simultaneously well versed with the Lee Scott – I was fucking stoked to find, once again, Mr. Macclesbee Minglane Gusbrick had hooked me up with yet another gem, fresh out the Leebling’Scotch’s oven; Kitties.

The bizarre sense of absolute perfection, for me, here comes in three forms: Firstly; the fact that this is a combination of two things that are essentially from opposite continents and industries. Secondly; the fact that this is a combination of two things that I’ve only very recently discovered anyway. And lastly; that I genuinely rate them both, on their own two feet, highly. It’s like some otherworldly entity of the digital realm is watching over me, aligning the artistic stars for my AV pleasure.

Though maybe it makes sense that Lee Scott is a fan of the show, he seems to embody the same degenerate humour – in his music – that made the otherwise despicable Fat Pie star, Devvo, so infectiously sweet – the very same aesthetic that embroils the loveable criminal greasers that are Ricky, Julian and Bubbles – the Trailer Park Boys being the Canadian white-trash equivalent of Devvo’s British chav; fuck-tons of ad-lib, lot’s of crass and a beautiful naivety that never steps over the mark. Though whatever the reason for the British Hip-Hop artist’s interest (the show being funny-as-fuck and readily available to watch on Netflix are probably key factors) this little homage to the series and more importantly, Bubbles and his kitties, is absolutely bang-on.

God bless you Lee Scott, ‘good la Bubbles man’

You can catch the entire Trailer Park Boys collection on Netflix

Get to know Lee Scott and the Blah Records camp here



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