Welcome to the Hawk House – UK Hip Hop on Absolute Soul-Point

Hawk House Gangdem

You see them sexual breh’s up there? Yeah? That there’s a trio of real good pudding who’ve somehow slipped my knowledge. I mean, stupidly good pudding, leagues beyond Rolo Yoghurt for sure – and they goes by the name of Hawk House. Remember that one.

I’d be keen to lay down some educational law on these slick ricks but it just so happens that, once again, this lot is another that has decided to share nothing by the way of information; no bio, no names, no dice – simply soulicious beats.

I’d like to tell you where they’re from, where you can catch them live, who they’re affiliated with, the usual stuff. Instead I’m just going to have to tell you to shut up and buckle down the belts instead – just listen…

The UK Hip-Hop scene is like a heavily segregated smorgasbord of alternate styles and one that I feel is seriously lacking in soul. Not ‘soul’ as in spirit – we’ve got the drive and the designs a plenty – I’m talking about street-credible groove, rawganic feelings, soul-touching zoom zumma zing… does that make sense? Put it this way; we’ve got a grime scene that’s probably too big, if anything. We’ve got more MC’s than Macdo’s has employees. We’ve got the silly and the sarcy, dark end of filth & depression hip-hop (thank you everyone north of Sheffield!) We’ve got the reworked US noise and we’ve got a fair share of ex-90s stars that spiralled through the era of Trip-Hop. But where’s that raw groove?

I’ll tell you where it is… Hawk House.

My dance with the Hawks began a couple of months back when the above single slipped into my now 180-tracks full hip-hop SoundCloud playlist. It’s a sad day when you’re so obsessed with listening to every possible sound in front of you that you don’t take the time to go back and revisit, or better; revisit and explore.

Today, for reasons that I now can’t remember, I decided to explore. I decided to explore and after taking the first few steps I was kicking myself: I should have been walking through the Hawk House time ago.

 A Handshake To the Brain  is the 2014 EP (though at 10 tracks deep you’d think this as more of an album) release, slinging straight from none other than EMI Records, jheez! Of course, it’s only today that I’ve actually listened to it – well worth it, by the way – and on my travels I inevitably stumbled across track 4; Vulcan Grip. Jots doined! Heard this track a long while back and its funny how good things always come full circle – a tune I’d lost and forgotten back on my plate, alongside a brand new feast just waiting to be devoured.

Like me, get these ones in your collection right about now. This is UK Hip Hop that’s fresh with modern electronic aesthetic though slathered in good-feeling heart. It’s real. Get orn it!

Purchase your copy of A Handshake To the Brain here




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