Plasma 008: Sabre / Alix Perez – Yoga Remixes EP [Plasma Audio]

plasma008 cover art

Yoga: a giant Sabre track cradled by the Plasma [Collab] Audio imprint. It stood as one half of the label’s second release, a 2-track EP including a rolling rumbler called Threatz, from KeOSz & Cruel Culture: ‘Plasma 002′.

My first Yoga experience was no tranquil stretching session on a fitness mat, essentially quite the opposite; back of a bus, headphones on, rocking the fuck out – a special Rockwell guest mix from Stray introduced me to the sound and I spent the next year waiting for a release. Late 2014 saw Plasma 002 rise seemingly out of nowhere: a Melbourne-based dnb label (astonishing in itself) signs KeOSz (completely under the radar, obscure, ambient, tech-breakbeat, sometimes-dnb-producer) and Sabre (somewhat legendary icon of the scene) for its second release? With Yoga in its midst!? It was as surprising as it was humbling to see a newborn label, so far afield, strike such a deal and as such, I’ve been paying them close attention ever since.

Though, somehow, despite my beady ear-eyes keeping such a solid-lock on the label, I was just as shook and surprised to discover the very latest in Plasma musical meddling: Plasma 008.

12 months down the line we’d be shattered again – crippled by the resurgence – the second-coming of the same old monster with a fresh, though equally gnarly, face from the likes of our old friend, Alix “P-rez” Depauw, A.K.A Alix Perez. No stranger to the growing half-time scene and in fact, he himself a future beats devil in the works and so it makes perfect sense for Sabre & the Plasma Colab to have passed the mixing mantle to this so well affiliated Belgian, even more so when I consider that he and Eprom have been touring their terrifying – and very much future beats, albeit on the most crunching and grating fringe – Shades [EP] show across Plasma’s home ground Nation, Australia (Melbourne included.)

Speaking of which – those screeching, twisted, 808-heavy, half-time beats that Shades deploy* – it’s really no surprise to see that the first track on the Plasma 008 EP is just that: the Alix Perez Warped Mix (*it actually features in this mix).

Both of the mixes on this release are essentially the same track but with 2 alternate intros, with this one being the most anti-traditional. Eprom and the Shades project influence is obvious from the get-go: a reversed and ridiculously stretched series of percussion make for the opening moments, Warped indeed, as they eventually bubble, brew and give way to the welcome half-time stomp.

The second and ‘Club’ Mix strides forth with no regard for experimental riff-raff. It just clambers on by; traditional though by no means bland, Club indeed. So where the Warped makes for beautiful opening-track material or disconcerting mid-mix madness, the Club is a straight-to-business, no-messing banger. Though, regardless of which intro you choose the end result is the same; a chopped, brushed, shook and re-riddled Yoga with a few spoons more pace in its feet; the hip-hopping fist-fight to the original’s grime march.

It’s a must-have, 2015, stocking-filler of a release so hop to it!

Big ups to the Sabre, big ups to the P-rez and big ups to Plasma Audio for representing this growing sub-genre that we love so very much.

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