Beatsofreen – Slowly Rising [Official Video]

Yesterday I was reading a short piece from The Creators Project on the long-awaited No Man’s Sky: a procedurally generated online game that is somewhere in the region of 18 quintillion planets huge (to quote the article “that’s a 1 followed by 18 zeros”) and is representative of a realistically sized universe, apparently none-too-far off in size from our own. So unbelievably huge that unlike your standard MMO experience where – if you put the hours of graft in – you can achieve that 100% completion status or get the ‘platinum trophy’, No Man’s Sky completely flips the switch and is essentially unfinishable, in that it has no finish, at all. No end and no real goals. To traverse the game would take a literal 5 billion years… you feel me?

I could do a whole piece on the game alone but I’ll cut it short and leap to the chase: No Man’s Sky, despite it’s inconceivable scale, is being developed by just 10 people. How? Incredibly complex yet simple algorithms that procedurally develop everything from the planets’ surface and geography, to the creatures that may or may not roam there, from the sounds that said creatures make to the weapons and kit that you might pick up, to such a degree that everything in existence in the No Man’s Sky universe is 100% unique – and what you discover that hasn’t been discovered already you get to name! How awesome/nerdy is that!? And it all starts with the simple Sine Wave.

Which is why I was so excited to start watching the above video, for Slowly Rising, from the young face of Beatsofreen. This isn’t the first time we’ve given this new-comer a nod as we picked him for his Deliverance single earlier in the year and he later dropped some noise on Darker Than Wax. This time around, however, it’s the video itself that really grabs my attention. With my head awash with procedurally generated algorhythmical universes, what could be more perfect than watching the undulating organic plant & animal life that seem so very much procedurally generated here – here in the patterned and colourful cartoon loveliness that fast became the Vimeo Staff Pick?

It’s fantastically hypnotic animation that truly captures the spirit (I presume with no intention or recognition) of this game that I am so ridiculously excited about. And for that you get the absolute tip of the hat.

Slowly Rising is a part of Beatsofreen’s album Full Circle which landed on King Deluxe earlier this month.

“Full Circle has been four years in the making… a mosaic of beats, synths, jazz & classical soundscapes, combined with field recordings and plenty of his own instrumentation, such as piano, guitar, harp, flute, percussion, claps, and his voice. He was inspired by the sounds of the city as well as by nature, crafting it all as a seamless whole, and we here at King Deluxe are very pleased to share this new album from Dutch musician Bastiaan van der Vlist, aka Beatsofreen.”

Buy your copy of the Full Circle LP here

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