A visual project by Adrian Halpern: Part 1 – Achuma

What happens when you get several musicians to jam out some organical beats, throw their works at a separate producing entity elsewhere in the musiverse, get said producer to splice the sounds into his own and then culminate the works with the artistry of the fandangled Adrian Halpern?

Achuma is what happens chum, Achuma.

Part 1 of 3 that is Adrian’s visual project – an open artistic experiment/presentation of inner exploration through psychedelic animation and floating rhythms. And who doesn’t like that?

The question of what Achuma actually is/depicts, beyond the foundations of its production, is all but concrete. And there’s the fundamental body of art – subjective and open for infinite interpretation. To me, Achuma is the contextless splattering of chemistry – as various bodies collide and evolve, grow and manifest into new forms, the seamless blend of reality and physics. Energy abundant. A creature born of several dimensions, presented as one, is struck by a jolt of conciousness and as the remaining remnants of its previous being disintegrate a skeletal being escapes from its humanoid cocoon. An ostrich like-birdly-beastling strides from the husk and treads careful on organic ground. Only to dive, head-first, into the fold. Its body feeds a hungry earth and in its wake a shoot grows anew. As the spirit of the physically demised creature rises from the ashes of its new-birth, a third or fourth eye awakens, and the creature that once existed across several dimensions at once, see’s them all and more for the first time. The realisation of sensory deprivation is the final and ever-lasting phase of Achuma – eternal does the mind spiral in contempt vs. content. And that’s as simple as it gets…

Adrian Halpern - Ancient Astronauts

Though to really get to grips with what’s going on here, I thought I’d ask the man himself…

Adrian Halpern - Smoke CircleSo Adrian, is there a narrative?

When I create an animation, it is a spontaneous adventure. I do not plan on anything before hand. Of course I daydream about what could happen and will happen. But, as far as a storyline it all happens naturally. In Achuma, you may look at it as a being or person pondering their surrounds among the mountains, plants and trees. Something from the sky or from their insides sparks a meaning, creativity or Om. The body and mind disappears, leaving a skeletal shell of a seed. The wind blows it through light, planting it halfway into the ground into darkness.  Patience becomes growth and new breath. The flower grows and the hand smears it like a sand Mandala, turning it into a mushroom. From there I will let the viewer interpret the animation their way.    

What inspired its production?
Beats, Rhymes and Life. 
Adrian Halpern - Solomans Seal
And is there a production/ideas process?
‘Achuma’ is one animation out of three I am working on. My friend Rich ‘JKR70‘ Lester is producing each piece. I am curating the producers and musicians. The process is about letting go of control. I create the art, the musicians record or produce a piece then hands the info off to Rich. He creates an original track. Presto! There are some suggestions by me but ultimatly even the Artist has to let go. This makes it fun and not place us mentally as a brick in the wall.

So there you have it – simple right?

Check this space for more!




Your thoughts?

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