Pedestrian’s PEDit collection


Pedestrian, production/release-wise, has been on a pretty exclusive DL for what seems like too long. I’m in no position to presume a producers motives, to point fingers at their arts or to expect anything more from them than what they’ve already given, though, none the less, there was a time when Pedestrian was sat atop the go-to pile, a riser in the ranks and a producer forging a new musical journey in our Bite the Belt lives. That time has quietened.

It’s been a long time since his Hei Poa/Djrum remixing days of 2011/2012, since the Soul Heroin beats and Kalakuta/Ndizi rhythms of 2012/2013. Since the Push & Run days, the 2nd Drop days and the remixing of Commix on Metalheadz days

Though, no less of a love – for us – is he, the man they call Pedestrian. The musical bednerd we do so adore.

The pallet that he’s offered up the musical world, in the incredibly short five years of his officially labelled and released career, has been excitingly diverse and strange; warm in its jingling & uplifting spirit, seductive in its rawganic nature of sound and more than comfortably juxtaposing in its often obscure and experimental ways. We love Pedestrian, here at Bite the Belt, whether he’s releasing music or not. Because, despite existing in such a quiet corner of the electronic sphere – a humble limbo between the slightly-further-upper reaches of popular status claimed by production friends and regular partners Maribou State, and the lower delves of the electronic underground that only the Parisian French and anti-Shoreditch, musical elite know about – the noise resonating, still, from the performances we’ve seen of him in the past, this muddle of experimental music he’s given in such a short space of time and the guy he is that a few of us were lucky enough to jam with (after party business), is enough to keep the fire burning.

My own Pedestrian fire was most recently re-kindled and stoked back up to maximum peng by the Summer-groove of a mix that he pieced together post-Lovebox 2015. The Love In The Park mix. A mix that has been a highlight soundtrack to multiple endeavours in my Summer activities and one that was followed, according to my lady partner in crime, by an outstanding and “best mix of the festival” performance at Lovebox itself.

We love Pedestrian because he’s not just a man shooting poops into one box. This guy’s spreading musical love all about the shop – toes dipping into various avenues all splendid and lovely – hip-hop, soul, shoegaze, vintage, house, techno, garage, drum & bass, world music, trip-hop – the list goes on.

The perfect example of his musical eclecticism? Look no further than the most recent upload (fresh in the stream as of yesterday) of Pedestrian PEDits (including the Pete Rock Vs. Commix PEDit above) – beats from his record collection, production folders and some already lurking in mixes he made available months ago.


For further Pedestrianvestigation please see this playlist of PEDits and Pedestrian remixes – naughty.



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