Our 170 inbox…


You know how it is; several summer holidays distract you from work and suddenly your inbox is full to the brim.

Basically; it’s time to unload. Four EPs. Minimal writing. Lazy Class-A Journalism.

Kolectiv & Survey – A Bunch Of Notes / Circular Logic [PLASMA004]

[Plasma Audio]

DnB for the rolling set; plenty-dark but none-too heavy. It’s crisp, it’s clean, it’s techy, it’s a nice healthy 2-piece EP that will in no way shine like a beacon of ‘must go-to’ in the set but will more than certainly make for a tasty filler in any beat sandwich.

This one sets dungeon tones; alien beats, wobbing monsters from outer moon-space. Beam ’em down in Plasma gamma rays, Scotty!

Dead man’s Chest (Eveson) – Nautilus EP [Recipe046]


Mayhem. Absolute breakbeat mayhem. Think about everything that every purist, vinylist & junglist warrior has ever berated you for about the music that you love in 2015. Then think about everything that they claim is incredible about all of the music that they loved in 1992. I say; “kind sir, I was but a foetus in early ’92 – please excuse me whilst I fuse the incredible past with our incredible future”: the Nautilus EP. Acid, jungle, rave business.

This is the ‘must go-to’ piece.



Lynch Kingsley – Horizon Line EP [FLXA049]

[Flexout Audio]

From the reminiscent past to the day of today. Lynch Kingsley’s Horizon Line EP is a perfect stamp-example of what’s popular in the UTR, 170 scene; juke vibes, 808 prominence, round and floor-scraping low-frequencies, flecks of a breakbeat past and tons of dub influence. The percussion is varied, its tentative, the construction is complex, there’s elements that scream “TECHNO!”, of course, and there’s pieces that cry “LIQUID FUNK!” – basically, this EP is fucking heavy shit and you need it now! Definitely.

Various Artists – Full Repertoire Vol 1

[Repertoire Sound]

All right, so I said ‘breakbeat mayhem’ already. Well… this, then – this is surely ‘breakbeat madness‘!? No, but seriously, actual breakbeat madness. Basically this ginormous LP is 11-tracks’ worth of blistering broken rhythms; real drums right at the front of the crowd, everything else just kind of fuzzing away into a purposefully slightly shitty-mix down – the mastering leaves only the sound of obscenely superhuman drumming to pierce the way into a ket-fed dawn.

Really worth a purchase. Old skool vibes all round.

And there you have it, folks. I’ve done my job here. Peace.




2 thoughts on “Our 170 inbox…

    • haha and why are we not surprised that one breaks head fiends another ;) fucking smashing LP the Repertoire piece, big ups for contributions and nice one for taking a gander at our small pocket of the internet


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