When one thing leads to another…

Y’know when one thing so incredible leads to another oh-so beautiful – so seamlessly – so naturally that it’s almost too hard to comprehend?

Welcome to my live-dive into Lamon Manuel, Samantha Wakefield and the incredible Analog(ue) Tape Dispenser.

It’s been a little bit of a confusing ride – I’ve had to decipher who was who in this seeming love-triangle of faces and characters – those that have made up the past hour of my net-surfing. You’ve got Chicago Emcee & Tomorrow Kings member, Lamon Manuel, killing things lyrically – loosely, phonetically complex, twisting tongues and rigging a mast with a vocabulary outrageously large – then you have the Houston-based producer of standards unbelievable – fuzzy and warm, electrified with mastering energy so crisp and clean-cut, trippy and broken yet so effortlessly constructed, funky, soulful, heartfelt, emotionally wide-open and collecting of all things – Analog(ue) Tape Dispenser – and then the face drifting between blurred lines, passing by as a Violet on Twitter but in reality a Wakefield, a Samantha Wakefield to be exact – the director, the vision, the too-definitive-beauty, the visual craftswoman, the one who sells the story for the eyes – three viciously sharp points too dangerous to touch – so just watch and listen, yeah?

Basically these guys just stapled an aggressively strong place in my new music collection – launching high above an ocean in turmoil – no time for the riff-raff. The reality is that they’ve re-kindled my passion for writing. I’m balls-deep. I’ve got too much to write about. I’m swamped. So much good music. Everywhere. And this is the best beginning to it all that you could ever ask for, so close your eyes, prepare yourself for several hours-worth of musical mad-happening – and get in the mix…

Get to know: Lamon Manuel

Get to know: Analog(ue) Tape Dispenser

Get to know: Samantha Wakefield



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