Mix the Belt Episode 015: Cid Poitier – Guest Mix [Translation Recordings]

Mix the Belt Episode 015 Cover Art

Only one-week fresh off the back of our last Mix the Belt instalment, we’re here once again to deliver a second helping of devilish breaks and beats.

This week we turn off the drumfunk and head straight into the depths of the dungeons; London’s Cid Poitier luring us into the dark. And dark it f*cking is.

He’s a new name for us, here at Bite the Belt, but one that shook our HQ (bedroom) foundations when, a month or so back, we stumbled across the latest from Translation Recordings, sitting fresh in our postbox (hotmail inbox); the 2nd volume of their subterranean Bassment Beats series – the Bassment Beats EP Vol. 2

Cid Poitier sits on the EP at the 4th and final hurdle, waiting to strike the last chord with a gargantuan and percussion driven beastling by the name of Ramping. Despite the HQ vibrations, caused by the Bassment Beats volume thus far, being already devastating, it was only when Ramping launched into the fray that we truly lost our shit (put a gun-finger in the air and everything.)

Get to know Ramping & the Bassment Beats EP by clicking the links below or following the Buy-link on the stream itself – but for the full frontal, eerie, perverted, Samurai Music-like, twisted and nightmarish world of 170s absolute dark-side – well – you best enter the next 40 minutes of our 15th episode of Mix the Belt; Cid Poitier going full-shadow in the Guest Mix…

Listen to the Bassment Beats EP Vol. 2

Buy the Bassment Beats EP Vol. 2






01. Future Roots (Clima Remix) – Roots Defender [Skutta]
02. Spirit – Babylon Call [Warm Communications]
03. Cid Poitier – Ramping [Translation]
04. Loxy & Resound – Inversion [Exit]
05. Red Army – Yeracheff [Translation]
06. Homemade Weapons & Gremlinz – 11th Hour [Samurai]
07. Thing – Antique [Dubthing]
08. Taelimb – Depth Charge [Dub]
09. LokDon – Hunter Riddim [Dub]
10. Flatliners – DubTune [Future Thinkin]
11. dBridge – Fire Fall You [Cylon]
12. Dyl & Paragon – Abraxas [Translation]
13. Ruffhouse – The Max Headroom Intrusion [31 Records]
14. Paragon – Precipice [31 Records]
15. Gremlinz & Homemade Weapons – Ruff Age VIP [Architecture]


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