Mix the Belt Episode 014: Fanu – Guest Mix

Mix the Belt Episode 014 Cover Art

Following several interviews and countless digital high-fives we are very pleased to announce a mix over 2-years in the running. Almost 3 to be precise.

Our favourite Fin, the Lightless label owner with an alternative alias residing under the incredible US-based Redefinition Records, Fanu, is here to deliver breakbeats and bass-based rhythms supreme. He’s possibly the nicest guy we’ve ever had the pleasure of emailing and by-far one of the most interesting producers in drum & bass today. His sound is hard and heavy but chock-filled with a punch-finesse in fine-tuned percussion unlike anyone else in the scene. He’s a man for drum samples and a dude with a shit-ton of funk in his sound. He’s laid-back as they come and as much of a hip-hop head as he is tied to broken beats – though, it’s been said, that he’s been somewhat lacking in bookings for that which he was once most known for, that he’s got tunes stockpiled and ready to explode, drum & bass for days but no medium to explore it… until now.

It’s time to get Fanu-licious-funky. Witness this.

An Interview With: Fanu

An Interview With: FatGyver

Listen to the latest EP from FatGy




01. FatGyver – Monday Stroll [Redef Records]
02. Fanu – Crusty-Ass 165 [Bandcamp free shit]
03. Danny Breaks – Firin’ Line [Droppin Science]
04. Ilk – Get Ready [Halogen Music]
05. ReDraft x HP.Ritch – Tell Them (dub)
06. Ill K – Posuere [Alphacut]
07. Out Of Fuel – Portal [Lightless dub]
08. Fade – Run It Rudie [Alphacut]
09. Mako – The Narrator [Metalheadz]
10. Glyphic – Tunnel Vision [Detrimental Audio]
11. Grooverider – 560 Degrees [Higher Ground]
12. Nucleus & Paradox – Break North [Metalheadz]
13. Voodoom – Baar Baka [PRSPCT]
14. Theory – Foundation 11 [Alphacut]
15. Out Of Fuel – Phobos [Machinist Music]
16. Abstract Elements – Wonky Shit 02 [dub]
17. Fanu – Multi Rhythm Music [Inflect dub]


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