FatGyver – Espresso Addicts Anonymous [Redefinition Records]

Espresso Addicts Anonymous

Strange isn’t it, how a different point of view can change the appearance of things?

Fans of Damu that funkliest & chunkliest of FudgemunksRedefinition Records will know the FatGyver as a mysterious foreign producer from across a series of oceanic ponds. A fin with a taste for absolute funk and crispy percussion – class hip-hopstrumentals for the heads in the Redef-know.

Where as us, over here at Bite the Belt – UK-based and consumed by the electronic world of bass – well we know the FatGyver, firstly, as Janne Hatula (the nicest guy you’ll ever email) and secondly, as the infamous drum & bass mastermind of sounds absurd, the one they call Fanu.

Though, whatever your perception of the man behind the MPC, there is always a common ground: a music fucking beautiful and drums that kick the shit out of you.

Espresso Addicts Anonymous (the EP) is some-30-minute ride into gorgeous, instrumental hip-hop-heaven. Each track brings its own vocal intro, each one-trip into the next.

The above piece is my easy favourite for its rain-heavy-cloud, chilled, piano chord strikes and bizarre tribal chanting. Though the gorgeous remaining 8 beats dance between the funky and disco-hall grooving to the dark-dank alleys of Chicago and wind-beaten crags of the European wetlands – all driven, as previously mentioned, by an absolute killer-instinct for nailing bone-breaking drum-patterns and using only the finest of samples to make up those sounds of percussion.

Is there any story being told amidst the beats and the samples in EAA, or is it all as ambiguous as the next flurry of banging beats?

There is no planned story but I guess the story is made up by the listener. I was actually playing DNB at an event this weekend, and a girl came up to me and said she loves the EP and that she thinks there’s a lot of message in my music what I do/say – do your own thing, concentrate on what you love, fuck TV and all that. So maybe something like that. It’s hard for me to say. I guess an artist’s music + their social media output always reflects who and what they are to an extent.

This is FatGyver’s sophomore release on Redef, following his début album, Talk To Strangers [read our interview here]. It is Janne’s second coming on a label that has inspired and excited the producer for countless years – an experience most could only dream of and I imagine is something that he’s still coming to terms with.

So this is your second appearance on Redef. Did that have any say on how you approached the EP?

I did very much the same way that I did my first album for them: completed the whole package and sent it their way, and they liked it as it was. So it was completely ”my way”, and I think it shows we’re on the same wavelength to a great extent. I had been following their music for some time so I suppose I had a hunch in terms of what they might like.

I actually just finished my second full-length thing and sent it their way. Fingers crossed, ha!

What’s it like, becoming a familiar face on a label that you’ve loved & chased for so long?

It feels good. TBH it’s my first-ever “musical home” aside from my own label in a way. I’ve been having my music released since 2003 and doing my own label since 2006, and this is a first. Feels good, as I was really trying to get on the label for a good while (pestering them to listen to my first LP for a long time until they finally gave it a listen). There aren’t many labels I’d love to be on, TBH, as I’ve been fairly happy doing and releasing my things my own way.

He blushes in his reminiscence of having to pester his way, somewhat, through the Redefinition gates – like a giddy school-boy skipping into Wonka’s chocolate Hilton. But I hope that he feels at home on the label. I hope that he knows his slick beats are more than welcome and more than in the perfect place on this prolific unit ran by the Fudge-man with drummer’s munk-hands.

You’re the funky-fresh-Finnish-Fanu-FatGyver. H-h-h-h-h-hit it!!

Buy your copy of Espresso Addicts Anonymous here




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