Nausika – SUBTITLESUK030 [Subtitles Music]

The big and emerging duo that recently dropped a large one on Blu Mar Ten Music, following surfacing routes with a release on Subtitles, are back on the TeeBee-founded label with huge rounded bass-logs that’d be a risk-of-clogging in most U-Bends around the UK.

UK030 is what boulders are to grains of sand: rather incredulously large. I’d go into depth about each individual package but for the sheer weight of the combined EP I don’t think it necessary. Just picture huge and enveloping bass, a slight wobbling here and there but primarily straight-up, giant low-frequencies that set a rumbling tone throughout – these are BIG, techy, rolling beasts that need a good taming.

Perhaps your the one to do it?

Get your whip out and keep eyes/ears peeled for a pre-order of the animal here

Keep your appetite for large bass-creatures sated by listening to the duo’s guest mix they dropped us last month



Your thoughts?

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