Stray – Paradise Crossing [Studio Mix]

“a mix of paradisiacal treats” says J – human face of Stray – and too right.

The kid’s latest EP is a dream-rock through your outer peripherals, a sonic traveller’s voyage into the outer reaches that explores the fine lines between modern hiphop culture vs. the broken boundaries of the current and expanding drum and bass spectrum.

The mix at hand is Stray’s accompanying tailored soundtrack – a 60 minute + journey that spans the conventional hip-hop beat into electrifying half time dnb fuzz. We span a spattered juke & footwork, a glitchy and broken rhythm centre non-devoid of innovation. Featuring cuts from Slum Village, Nosaj Thing, Mr Moody, Sam Binga, new bits from Fracture, reworks from Machinedrum and slices of the Paradise EP; this is a glittery and somewhat melancholy, not unlike the EP itself, investigation of Stray’s expansive musical collection – almost an alternative mirror image / expansion of the LP-sized EP, the music that perhaps inspired and perhaps followed in his exploration of all things fine and fantasmical – or “paradisiacal”, as Stray would tell it.

Another power-fist bump from us to the man known as J Fogel – pinnacle precision mixing from a new-age master of the drum & bass DJ-Producer.

Get your copy of the Paradise EP here

Grab up the Machinedrum & dBridge Re-Edit Remixes here


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