Stray – Paradise EP Remixes

EXIT058R Artwork

We can dream.

We can realise.

And we can be pleasantly surprised.

I’d never dreamt of anything more from Stray’s latest in musical adventures – the Exit Records’, album-esque, Paradise EP – than a solid member of my musical collection. A staple in the heart of a producer killing it as much as he was back in his baby days.

Today I realised a genuinely tantalising surprise: it looks like, whilst I was away getting warmed up and beached out on holiday, the Exit Records camp have been busy putting together a little welcome home present. And it goes a little something like this…

The A-side of this 2-track Remixes EP comes from large-man and Exit Records founder, dBridge; a certified legend and well documented beat basher.

Back in 0’12 dBridge went head-to-head with his Maschine (Native Instruments) to create, curate and compile a naughty LP of a completely different sort – the iconic DnB figure wasn’t making no drums & bass of the sorts that fans were familiar with, at least from himself; dBridge Vs Maschine Vol. 1 was and still is an absolute booter of a 12-track hip-hopstrumental LP well worth adding to your rich pockets of audio delights. And at the time, it was up for free download, though I can’t seem to find a link now… sad times… still, you can dream… and stream the whole album via the link (above) in this paragraph, so stop your whinging!

The LP was mechanical, industrial, soulful and raw. Since then I’ve caught whiffs of the dBridge hip-hop sound in the odd spool of Exit releases, though, here, we see a full-bodied and warm-welcomed return – albeit one with a sparkling funk shimmer that comes from that mongrel we all love; Stray.

In fact; the main underlying body of this remix, that spanking bass-steppin’, the trudge-funk slap-edit of this title track, Paradise, almost (almost) sounds like the original version of the next track to be re-imagined on this wonderful EP…

Groovealiscious connections!

“One legend is never enough.”

I’ve got that tattooed on the bridge of my ear (the opposite end to your lobe – that’s not an actual term but I think it fits.).

Fitting for this second helping of Paradise-diddling, as we follow the saintly dBridge out into the forecourt to find the fuzzy, moustache-baring yank of the scribbly-wibbly world of juke & footwork; once knighted and always delighted, a grand king of the deep-house-less shuffly dance music – Machinedrum.

It’s everything I expect from Machinedrum in execution: crisp, clean, buzzing with energy and skittering off into a blue horizon. The man’s done his fair share of spins on many a musical emotion and, as is always pleasing for me, today we find ourselves immersed in the floating fluffy clouds of his quieter persona, this is one I’m sad to have missed out on whilst sipping Mojitos on the soft sands of my trip abroad.

It’s the perfect calming deliverance and addition to the Paradise collection – a perfect embodiment of the paradise that I, personally, envision in my mind.

Oh! And by the way; definitely don’t have “One legend is never enough.” tattooed on my person. Anywhere. Especially my ear-bridge: I’m allergic to style.

Moving on…

This EP put a real smile on my face. When you cherish a piece of works its always fun to come back and visit them through someone else’s eyes/ears. Now: I can only dream that this is the first in a hopeful few lines of more Paradise Remix surprises to come…

Keep your eyes locked in for more info.

Pre-order the Remixes EP here

Buy the Paradise EP here

Read my extensive review of Paradise here



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