Grasscut – Snowdown [Lo Recordings]

The latest from Lo Recordings:

Grasscut delivers a frankly beautiful video for the 6th piece, Snowdown, of their album, Everyone Was A Bird.

No clanging electronics here or raring breaks – today I’m delivering you tranquillity in post-modern classical form. I don’t proclaim to understand the intricacies of the classical nation, but I do confess to being wildly in love with the above piece – an ensemble of soft vocals kissing war-drum toms, wavering strings, gentle piano pressing and the horn-like call of (oboe?) woodwind.

For those of you scared of investigating a sound dubbed “classical”, for fear of your “cool” integrity, for one: grow up. And secondly: this is no quarter-hour symphony – I ask you dip your head into these simple 3 minutes and understand a subject non-too distant from the familiar – there’s endearing pop nature in its approachable design – it’s open and friendly to enjoy by the burning log fire – maybe it’s the wrong time of year to be thinking of the cold but I still can’t help but get lost in the mountainous scenes, hand-crafted out of sheets and stationary, that are so beautifully depicted in this wonderful video.

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