Nausika – Dominion / Echoes EP [Blu Mar Ten Music]

BMT033 Dominion Echoes

You really don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this one…

The story begins many, many moons ago. I’m flicking through the web, swimming in the musical oceans, when I come across what would have been considered a “small fry”; this tiny little fish in a colossal mass of ever-expanding audio-water.

But the fish – a creature unknown, a pixel-sized blip on a 1,000,000 square-mile radar – despite its tiny scale was behaving rather gargantuan. The fish is called Nausika; two uni-made friends combining production powers under a Greek-princess inspired pseudonym.

Their “gargantuan” behaviour: a little piece they’d put together, unsigned, unheard & uncredited: Dominion

In the words of D Double E; Oh my gosh!

This track, that up until yesterday, had been sitting around, just waiting to shatter the scene and bring heavyweight disaster to the main-room floor. How long has it been sitting around? Nigh on two years, sunshine… nigh on two bloody years…

Two years, the Nausika boys have been keeping this one on the back burner. Two years have they been considering the best potential fit. Two years, have I been lusting over my own digital copy of the single – lucky dog that I am for having asked for it on the day, TWO YEARS ago, that I first came across it – prior to their rise to the credited circles. It was a last year that the guys sent this over to the label they deemed most appropriate. It was a drawn-out space of months that the master puppeteer (or, at least, public face) of Blu Mar Ten Music, Chris Marigold, was teasing the dancefloors with the up-and-coming release. It’s been a long 6 months since we interviewed the pair. It’s been an unknown forever for yourselves and now, it’s finally here, in a place that I just can’t even get my head around.

And so rightly so!

Dominion is sparse in splitting noise; no breakneck speed amens, no pistol-whipping hats, no screeching ripples of high-end flare – but it’s wholesome in full-bodied, low frequency anguish. I think back to early Enei and pieces of the Foreign Concept regime. The whole piece is carried by a constantly oscilating sub-zero roll – this moving and perfectly paced bass-ball that pulls you on and on and on throughout a clean, tech-cut rhythm – all accented by an echoing chop of distant female vocal calls. There’s something very archaic in the air! Despite existing in a tightly-knitted modern framework, all space-like and futuristic, there’s this constant feel of grand monarchy; towering pillars, a sense of royal fantasy. It’s authoritative in every incredible sense – like a dark hero you both fear and adore.

And then there’s its B-side counterpart.

Echoes is an infinitely perfect title – she is the cavernous tombs to the Dominion monolith.

Echoes brings more dark-side 170 reflection. The crisp drum pattern; a metronome that counts the swing of the washing bass, driven by sub-frequencies, though less ornate in design, far more rough and frightening – it’s harder and nastier, it carries more energy and is the beautiful reverberating echo of its predecessor, though, despite its sharper edges, it is apparent that it is the smaller of the two.

I am beyond chuffed to see the Nausika duo coming on in the huge leaps and bounds that they have been, since I first laid ears on them. I can’t suppress my ego in that I’m almost as chuffed for myself – as on discovery of the Dominion track I had to immediately let the lads know that if they kept up this kind of pace, they’d go far.

And how here we are, a Subtitles release later and further reaching…

Blu Mar Ten Music – one of my Top 10 labels in electronics – the Nausika boys are no relation, but as a fan and supporter, it’s kind of like watching your kids go off to their first day of school. I’m so fucking pleased/proud of this turn of musical events for the Nausika boys, AND Blu Mar Ten, its unbelievable!

And such is my pride and such is our love for all of the above, the duo, the release, the label… well we only gone and swindled ourself a guest mix now didn’t we!

As promised in our interview – we are very pleased to present this promo mix prepared by the pair – big ups for this one Chris! Enjoy.

Get your copy of the EP here



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