Mix the Belt Episode 013: Nausika – Blu Mar Ten Music Promo Mix

Mix the Belt Episode 013 Cover Art

For nearly two years Bite the Belt has been on the Nausika lock-down. The two young lads emerged on our radar in 2013, unsigned and unsung, with a track called Dominion – a piece so dangerously fresh and scandalously excellent that we couldn’t help but drop jaws; “Just who are these boys and how exactly is this tune not in the current dnb charts!?”…

We opened 2015 by interviewing the Nausika duo – following a well deserved signing with TeeBee’s Subtitles Music – here we learned of the secrets to the, as of yet, still unsigned diamond track that we loved so very much… it would appear that the legendary Blu Mar Ten Music was as infatuated as we were…

Yesterday (15/06/2015), the incredible Dominion finally saw the light of incredible label-release days, crawling out from the underground & unknown and crashing into our audio systems, alongside a tasty little treat of similar throbbing Hz, Echoes.

Cheeky buggers that we are, we’ve swindled our way into the borders of the Blu Mar Ten Music citadel and they’ve given us the keys to the Nausika Dominon Guest Mix, and what a romper she is!

Check out our full review of the Dominon/Echoes EP here

Buy the EP here

Stream here




01. Doc Scott – Far Away [Metalheadz]
02. Calibre – Keep Control [Signature Records]
03. Mark System – Pursuit [Exit Records]
04. Delusions of Grandeur [Exit Records]
05. Fracture & Chimpo – From Early [Exit Records]
06. Mefjus – Blame You (Ivy Lab Remix) [Critical Music]
07. DLR ft. Ant TC1 – The Grip [Dispatch Recordings]
08. Chromatic – Inertia [Blendits Audio]
09. DLR – Django [Dispatch Recordings]
10. Ulterior Motive & Lenzman – Catharsis [Subtitles Music]
11. Nausika – Echoes [Blu Mar Ten]
12. Nausika – Hidden Traits [Subtitles Music]
13. Nausika – Dominion [Blu Mar Ten]
14. Chromatic – Marrakech [Fokuz Recordings]
15. Ivy Lab – Baby Grey [Critical Music]
16. DRS – Bun Ya Too [Soul:R]
17. Nausika – Contact [Subtitles Music]
18. DJ Marky & S.P.Y – Last Night [Innerground Music]
19. Calibre – Paragov [Signature Records]
20. Boston – Catch Your Breath [Symmetry Recordings]
21. Kimyan Law – Eclairage [Blu Mar Ten]


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