Dr. Quinn – NVME (Prod. by Klxck Wxrks)

Hip-Hop to help you through this Wednesday afternoon. It’s Hashtag#HumpdayHipHop#HipHopeHashtag’H… blah, blah, social blah…

No, but seriously, this is HipHop and it is “Humpday”, as Twitter will tell you – with various ‘cat poster’ photos of cliché advice, ass & boob shots from the Chive and of course, mandatory vagina snaps from all of the Twitter-verses various porn-pic-pushers. What a day Wednesday has become – and this track will give you hope on this turbulent, halfway day. And not just that, the video too…

I’m sold in the production and vocals, smashed out by Chicago producer/MC Dr. Quinn and new producer, Klxck Wxrks but I’m sold, further more, on the self-edited music video super-cut of various anime clips, all flashing in a somewhat anime-associated-epilepitc-fit-educing fashion – it all makes for an experience as visually exciting as it is audible.

NVME is a track off of The Gooch, Quinn’s new EP out now on ReSERVED Records featuring Jade Ivy and Grace Cornbread BadWolff.

‘the video was inspired by my favorite animes growing up, mixed with dope hip hop, fast-paced action, and a “cult” psychedelic theme. As I was creating the video, I wanted to represent a true juxtaposition between bittersweet sound and violent imagery. This video displays the conscious message of this ‘hating’ generation, or NVME.’ – Dr. Quinn

Stream the full EP and name your own purchasing price here



Dr. Josh


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