Beatsofreen – Yabby [‘Unreleased’ Dimensions EP teaser]

This one’s an absolute beauty!

Beatsofreen got the love treatment, on Bite the Belt, in March, for his Deliverance single; a warm, harmonious, melodic, house-like track that set the new-found Spring into full-flourished swing. This time around, however, we’re going to the darker side.

Darker Than Wax, his humbly signed home, is preparing to release the Beatsofreen Dimensions EP, set to land on the 26th of June (26/06/2015) and in doing so, has released the Unreleased 3-track teaser EP. For the most part, Unreleased follows in similar footsteps to the aforementioned Deliverance; twinkling, light-hearted and fun. But the third piece of the EP comes in the form of Yabby: a hot and sticky bass-mess. Wobbling, rounded bass notes couple with light, almost non-present, hats, weird spooky pads, clicks, bubbles, chimes, steel clattering, cow-bell-type sounds, barking and God knows what else. It’s dark, it’s ominous and it would make for some real movement on the dancefloor.

Unreleased is a FREE EP that you can download here

Keep eyes peeled, for the full Dimensions release, here



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