New bits from Klunks


Since we’re doing the “Remember this guy? Here’s some new bits” thing already, let’s carry on with the Monday morning movement:

Remember this guy? Here’s some new bits…

A work colleague just told me that he got paws on a Norwegian Forest Cat last week – a kitten-gift for the missus – that’s proved to be both a fantastic gift and exceptionally wild, new member of the family.

Coincidental, as I’m writing about a wild, Norwegian cat of my own: Klunks. He’s always got a steady flow of new compositions trickling out of his being but keeping eyes on every works of every producer that I love is a tricky task, so I only ever stumble across the odd piece of whoever here and there. The latest two “here’s & there’s” came from Klunks; two new grooves that rolled out over the past week – tracks that held true, in terms of quality and fresh-faced design, to the level of credit that I gave the guy last time around. Two very different works of equally exciting listening.

There’s hip-hop, there’s jazz, there’s soul and there’s spirit. It’s electronic fresh but organic embracing. I love it.

And if you want to investigate further, without missing a single “here”, “there” or “anywhere”, then you should head to his SoundCloud account, here



Your thoughts?

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