Leo Qwest – Being Myself [Official Video]

It’s Friday and it’s been a lazy few weeks so, today, I’m literally going to bombard you with shit to listen to… And you’re going to laavv iiit!

Leo Qwest: one of those new and illusive artists giving nowt too much about himself away – just a couple of social media accounts and one sick track.

Leo actually sent us this piece over Twitter and I was comfortably struck down when I heard it. I love the “not-house” rhythm, the groove, the pace of lyricism and the Ghost Poet/King Krule reminiscent vocal style. It’s one of those tunes to crack open a frosty beer too, relax in the garden recliner and chain-smoke your way into summer with your skin-bearing friends.

And apparently there’s more on the way…

We’ve asked him to keep us in the loop *insert winky face*

Also check out that wench beard – smashing it!






Your thoughts?

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