Lee Bannon – Disneµ Girls

Pattern of Excel

As previously mentioned here on Bee-tee-Bee, the chopped & screwed Hip-Hop/Jungle/Breakbeat/Boundary-less producer, Lee Bannon, has got a new LP on the way.

Ninja Tune will see the release of the Pattern of Excel  album on the 10th of July (2015). That’s right, 10/07/2015, six weeks time geez! And us at Bite the Belt HQ are very excited about it! So excited, in fact, that we thought we’d keep you up to date with any news and titbits, on the album, that we can sniff out! The hounds that we are!

OK… so maybe I’m exaggerating, news and titbits isn’t on our agenda, more: we’re going to post about any of the pre-release material/teasers. And so here you go…

Disneµ Girls (that’s “Disney” girls, from what I understand) is the latest and second piece of music to surface in preparation for the album’s final arrival – another breath of the fresh, Bannon air that he’s been inhaling over the past few months – exhaled in all of it’s Tropical/Ambient glory.

The Pattern of Excel album is a musical curve-ball for fans of pretty much all of LB’s works, as it diverts from both breaks and hip-hop and instead journeys into the world of the soundscape. That being said, anyone familiar with his diverse and obscure works shouldn’t be too surprised at the musical switch – this is a man constantly surging forward/backward/inward/around/upsidedown the musical sphere – never comfortable in just one spot.

And that’s why we love him.

This one’s like listening to a sad, ponderous, floppy-straw-hat-donning, guitar-strumming beach bum. He leans against the trunk of a lonely palm, gazing with longing eyes at the distant horizon – not a Disney gal in sight. What this track means to Bannon and what relation it has to Disney girls, if any, I’m interested to understand. An inside joke? A ‘merican thing? A Cali thing? A Lee Bannon thing?

Perhaps we’ll find out by ordering the album – here – just over 1 month to go!



Jay Swannon


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