Survey – Chop Chop EP

Survey: certified radar lurker – location: Berlin – identity: production duo – tune quality: peng out of peng.

Our ‘cross-the-pond buddies at Translation slapped down a release, last Monday (18/5/2015), by the name of Chop Chop. It’s dark, it’s dubby and it’s getting the BtB review treatment!

We kick the 4-track EP off with Acting Posh, it’s the minimalist’s track, the roller, the “feels full time but sounds kind of half time” rhythm, the rounded bass notes – it opens the dark door and allows us to pass through into the spacious room, jiggling on our feet as we go.

Chop Chop flips the switch: track 02 with no room for calm. Where Acting Posh sits humbly in the shadows, Chop Chop leaps out of the void and smashes your face in with its huge crunching fists. It’s the BIG, half-time, skittering, drums booming stomper – the title track and the pinnacle highlight of the EP.

Paperhands is this techy, growling number – crisp and precise. And then there’s the closing track, Pressure: LARGE. This one’s the more obvious half-time track, it’s slow, it’s dubby and it’s crammed with low frequencies.

Well rounded, clean cut Drum & Bass production brimming with omnimity and science fictional noise.

Put it in the collection by slipping in and grabbing a copy, for less than £5, here



Your thoughts?

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