Submerse – Stay Home LP

Stay Home Cover Art

When the Boiler Room premièred Submerse’s single, Gloom, the other week I became a very excited young man indeed.

Since then, Gloom has been the backing track to me face diving my girlfriend’s soaking sex-pocket and has also played an integral part of every “tune sharing” session I’ve recently participated in. Because it is, most definitely, a “tune”. Not in the common riffage-and-raffage sense of the word, it’s not going to “Wake me up when it’s all over!“. Instead, it puts me into a sense of bliss-filled and sensual ease – the sort of tune you could drift off to comforting slumber with. In short: it’s ridiculously sexy man and chilled as fuck. You don’t have to be gurning like a booze-induced puddle of pills to recognise something for what it is: Tune.

And so, of course, I’ve been very eagerly awaiting this day, today, the 26th of the 5th 2015: the release date of Submerse’s sophomore Project Mooncircle LP – Stay Home. (also available on Japan’s flau records)

Fresh footverken/duke’s of 808 music vibes all over the entire space-trip LP – 7 tracks of delightful indulgement that can be enjoyed in mini-mix/blended format here or streamed and purchased here.

I already gave you the low-down on the LP’s context when I wrote about track 03, Gloom, at the end of last month. But for lazy-folks sake: Stay Home is the “I’m comfortable in my Tokyo surroundings now” album, following a recent move to the city where at first, around the time of his début PMC release, Slow Waves, things were feeling a little out of sorts for the English producer. ‘Slow Waves’ perhaps a title reflective of the emotional undulations of acclimatization felt by the producer in his early days of settling into the new environment – ‘Stay Home’  the proud polar opposite; now that he’s grounded, it’s time to kick back, relax and just stay home.

With 3 exclusive CD Bonus tracks available via the local Tokyo-based label flau, racking the track count up to 10, premiers falling out of Boiler Room AND Mixmag, release via two labels spread, rather grandly, across the globe and copies available on Digital, Wax and Compact Disc… how could you possibly avoid the buy? That: assuming you’ve actually listened to some of the tracks – discard all of the above and listen to just Gloom and there’s the only reason you’ll need to financially invest.

Speaking of buying…

Make a cheeky purchase here or here



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