Seba – Jungle Music / Cloudless [Secops 024]

Seba Jungle Music

I was going to write about this one anyway but “fuck me!” – really nice cover art, right?

I don’t know who painted that macaw (jungle bird, innit…) but whoever did is fucking ace! Then there’s the rotary circle of blended macaw colours…


Anyway, the Seb-man’s back on tings with another Secops release from his Stockholm bass of Secret Operations. 024 brings us title track, Jungle Music; an ominous trip through close vines and damp air, the crisp breaks of the Jungle smashing about in the darkness – insects, squawks and creature cries abound.

Where Cloudless is a far more serene roll – warm bass notes travel, without pause, over skittering hats unto a beautiful horizon.

It’s a tidy, tasty and non-complicated EP, keep your eyes peeled here for release info



Your thoughts?

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