Biostatics – Re:Generation EP

Biostatics Generation EP

Technical Itch & Ice Minus come together to form Biostatics, for the Re:Generation EP.

Biostatics is the accumulative works of the three-piece production outfit, Ice Minus, one of the various collectives that Tech Itch has involved himself within over the years. But those Bisotatics releases haven’t seen the light of day since 2002 – Apparently they’ve just thawed out a cryogenically frozen member of the trio and the results are what we find here today: Re:Generation.

As for Technical Itch; he’s cropped up a few times in my past and each time successfully blown my pretty, little brains outward with, what I can only describe as; ‘ridiculously heavy-hitting, hard-knocking breaks of all kinds, coupled with enormous reeses and huge drum sounds’ – stuff that sends you into ‘weasel hands’ freak mode: pawing the air with furiously moving hands in an attempt to mimic the movements of the high-speed broken percussion.

It’s drum & bass on the hard fringe – close to the mark where I say, “This is literally too much – as in, like, too gnarly and Metal’y and not my direction at all”… but it never goes there. It teeters in the perfect position of ridiculous but still slick, still dark, still fresh – nothing gimmicky in its madness – it’s well constructed and fucking sick.

The Re:Generation EP is no exception.

We kick-off the five tracks with Enemy Of The State; a progressive and skipping roller that slowly builds from empty-spacious pad-driven floater to full bodied, reese and bass’y-growl cuddling stomp. But our first breath of fresh, raring breaks is in track 02, The Choice. 

An eerie vocal sample tells us that he “had no choice” before diving into blasphemous, crunching, break-heavy, rolling, skittering madness. Yeah – that’s the Tech Itch I know and love.

Before we fall the full 4-to-the-floor distance, the rumbling Erased closing track, we embark on two pieces of trademark percussion-destruction finesse; Kraddog and Deeper Well.

Kraddog is basically like becoming a small light-weight metal bean and being thrown around inside of a huge steel drum. You bounce off of the undulating surfaces, the drum spinning and spiralling out of control, the drum-sound rhythms that you throw down in your perpetual launching about delivers a beat unpredictable, the break samples ever changing with every few bars – though the feeling of the dance is constant. It’s not a track that has you down low one second and then waving arms above you the next, it’s a straight drive through crisp drumming excellence, your ears taking U-turns more than your dancing body.

Deeper Well is the speed-freak. Hurtling across a spacious amen field rich with warped bass croak/farts before a descent into the dank, black, depths of the well. Inside you find abandoned Ring girls and Zombies and the stones of your escape are slippery with hanging mosses and death-slime. Your only choice is to harness the power of the now-chopped-&-screwed amens and blister your way through the fray with drum & bass blades of badassism.

The EP is a pre-release teaser for the 12-track Biostatics LP which is still in the final lab-stages – despite more tracks becoming available over the next few days, these 5 standing pieces form an already well rounded collective – pieces sure to stab some well-needed break-beat mayhem into your next set.

The release is exclusive to the Tech Itch store so get involved here

Josh Switchson


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