Present Paradox’s secound EP – Acute

One of those ‘discover and write about, instantly’ moments.

After a couple of reposts I had a kindly message in the inbox thanking us for the support – I said, in short, “No worries, sweet label…”

Not a label.

Present Paradox, as far as I can tell, is a producer/band/artist/singer-songwriter type making beautiful, rusty, ambient, shoegaze-sad, down-on-your-luck, drifting through musical gloop and dreamlike whimsy loveliness. Distant male vocals drawl over juxtaposing musical emotions – all finely filtered through the 6-track EP.

I’m in the thick of it at work but couldn’t help but drop this one on the site – slipping under the imaginary sheets and soothed to perfection, as I listen in. The Acute EP is a beautiful piece of work – perfect for a quiet evening at home, glass of something red, lights dimmed, fingers rolling.

This one landed at the start of the year so she’s ripe for the plucking – try and find a buy-link via the actual label, Phonextor, below (foreign site – couldn’t find a translation option)



Your thoughts?

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