Soul Deep Recordings: Jeff – Closer EP & Subsid – Beloved EP

Soul Deep Recordings Logo

I told you I’d start paying 100 percentiles more attention to the lovely, liquid, L.A label, Soul Deep Recordings.

And I have been.

Trust a writer that holds to his written word – I’ll never lead you astray, my sweethearts.

So yeah, like, I been listening to thems tunes an’ that and I think their reet good’ns mate. Proper tunes’n that! Belters, lad…

Bit of written Devvo-improv there, for the heads that know… because, y’know, I’m tired and unable to get my brain to work properly… writing without a goal I suppose… just mindlessly writing away… smashing it!

It’s the early Monday morn and I’m tired and leaned over, trying to whip up a BtB treat before the working day kicks in. Writing isn’t quite on the agenda yet, though a demand for pengaleng beats after the quiet weekend of Bitten-less Belt posts has me loosely stapled to my chair where I am forced to write gibberish around embedded musical delights. So, if you’re hungering for a bit of context on these ones then you’ve come to the wrong man, all I have are beats, accept them, or get out!

So there you have it.

Beautiful liquid drum & bass beats – unquestionable in their rolling loveliness and piano-driven core. Simplistic, formulaic, timeless liquid aces.

Now get out!

Josh Deep


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