War Machine – Limitless LP

In late 2013 we got dropped out very first guest mix: Episode 001 of our Mix the Belt series, spun together by the co-owner of a naughty up & coming label by the name of Violation Music – the 170 twiddler was and still is known as Warm Machine.

Our promo inbox sometimes sees the odd single or EP release from Violation, always to our delight, as the label is fresh with the techy, sub-autonomic times. In the same vein, War Machine is a part of that musical production and his beats are always worth the listen – slick, bass-heavy, clicky and downright dark and dangerous.

That’s why I’m well chuffed to see that he’s had an LP out on the Hospital imprint, Serial Killaz, it popped out in February (2015) and is an excellent all-encompassing window that allows you to look/listen into the ferocious world of current War Machine flavours.

Add this one to the collection of big 2015 170 LPs

Grab a copy here




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