SubPac: Music Experience Innovation

SubPac Chair - Feel Your Music

Before I begin, let me just say that I’m currently feeling the burn of a pre-summer cold, so don’t give me shit for lacking in enthusiasm or depth here. This product should speak for itself either way.

StudioFeed is the innovator behind the latest in music listening experience technology.

A social venture with a mission “to move people closer to music”, their first marketed product is this tactile bass system that transfers low frequencies directly to your body.

“Woah! Well jhee-whizz Jolly Josh Swanson, that does sound awful exciting-like! But juss what’n’the’hellz’a tactile bass system that’n be transfering thems low frequencies-like directly to your’n’s body’n’such?”

Well, figmented character of my sickly imagination, let me explain:

It’s basically a strap-on vibrating (wait for it you filthy bitch…) cushion that hooks up to a single source of audio (PC/Laptop/iPod etc.) and can be worn out and about or applied to your studio set-up. Once you hit play on your sounds, the cushion/pad/whatever vibrates accordingly – simulating that body-tickling experience that you’d find in a live, clubbing environment – just without the excessive noise.

SubPac S2

SubPac S2 (SeatBack – studio production)

SubPac M1

SubPac M1 (Wearable – on the move)

This is a wearable item that delivers body-vibrations via sub-frequencies that will be sure to make your love-muscles tingle without having to straddle the BodySonic floor in Fabric’s Room 1* – why worry about subs under the floor when you can have a vibrator stuck to your spinal chord?

It’s about “feeling the bass” and can be done so in two different ways, as the product is available in two different forms, each adhering to slightly different, though inherently overlapping, markets: Producers & DJ’s / Everyone else

To simplify:

  • the S2 can’t be worn and must be strapped to a chair – it is for studio production.
  • whereas the M1 isn’t for strapping to chairs and is for wearing – it is for on-the-go listening

But, as previously mentioned, the realities of these two products is that their core purposes are interchangeable dependant on the user. Both are designed to deliver the experience of “feeling the bass” as you would in a club or surround sound theatre. So the S2 isn’t confided to producers alone, it’s an audio responsive system that straps to a chair – sure, fantastic for producing beats but also fantastic if you’re a gamer or an avid film lover, if you’ve got yourself a great surround sound system, an excellent gamer chair and pair of beautiful headphones, what better way to enhance the experience than by adding an S2 to the fray?

SubPac S2 back

SubPac S2 front

And then there’s the M1: generally displayed in press shots as an extra to the standard headphone-donning, iPod-brandishing reprobate on the hi-street – i.e. everyone – but then what about those previously mentioned DJ’s? DJ’s may well be at the club, but being the jockey of discs means that you can’t be in the full face of the sound system. The sound on the dancefloor can be somewhat distant from the sound in your headphones, so despite being in the same room, DJ’s are normally faced with a couple of high-quality studio monitors pointed their way, to help them hear the music in the environment around them without distracting them from the sounds that they’re tampering with in their headphones. But how are those kicks really feeling on the dancefloor? That’s the question that many DJ’s ask themselves as they drop the most bassy of beats… and that’s where the M1 comes in. Feel the music without sound distortion/distraction… powerful.

M1 Street-wear

M1 DJ-wear

So now that we’ve given you the run-down on what these puppies are in layman’s terms, let’s get techy and give you the specs fresh off the website:

SubPac StrappageSubPac S2

  • Frequency Response: 5Hz – 130Hz
  • Wired Line Input: 3.5mm stereo
  • Wireless Input: Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP Streaming
  • Headphone Out: 3.5mm stereo
  • Rechargeable Battery: 10.8V, 2300mAh 3-cell Li-ion battery (6+ hrs use)
  • Charger: 15V 1.6A 24W adapter with international IEC-C7 cables
  • Dimensions: 17″ x 12″ x 1.5″ (430mm x 305mm x 40mm)
  • Weight (including battery):  4 lbs (1.8kg)

SubPac M1 whiteSubPac M1 Details & Specs

  • Frequency response: 5Hz – 125Hz.
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery – up to 8 hours of use.
  • Dimensions: 6.5″ x 14.8″ x 1.5″.
  • Weight: 3.4 lbs (including battery).
  • Included 15V DC adapter (110-240V AC) for quick recharging.
  • Your SubPac will be shipped with the right plug for your region.

SubPac M1 is a tactile bass system that is wearable, powerful, light and quiet.  Our engineering team has combined powerful tactile transducers, vibro-tactile polymers and electronics in a light, compact form factor. This is not a simple ‘vibration device.’ It’s more like a quiet, high-end sub-woofer that generates a dynamic, rich and accurate tactile representation of whatever sound you input – whether from your favorite tracks, games or movies.

And the cost for each of these?

Funnily enough, the light-wearing every-day usage model, the M1, will set you back a little more than its studio-strap in brother, the S2.

The M1 weighs in at almost 400 dollars – $399 (about £255)

And the S2 comes to a slightly lesser – $379 (about £240)

Worth the Spend?

You may be asking – well why not ask the pros?

“From a DJ and production point of view, when you use the SubPac, you get that kick, that punch that you wouldn’t necessarily get unless you cranked your studio monitors.” – Kode 9

“The SubPac can be like a drug – once you start listening to your music using the SubPac, it becomes very hard to give it up. If you do stop using it, your music feels like it’s really lacking something.”             – Kode 9’s Hyperdub

“When I activate the SubPac I am transported to a world of 3-D frequencies.” – Mala

“Using the Subpac has really helped me with fine-tuning sub bass in my mixdowns. It’s especially useful when mixing kick drums against the sub – something that until now required a heavy element of trial and error!” – Pinch

“The SubPac is so innovative and useful for making music as well as enjoying low frequencies without damaging your ears… Revolutionary!” – Om UnitSubPac S2 studio

“SubPac has changed the way I listen to music completely. I don’t even open promo emails without plugging the SubPac in first any more!” – Plastician

“SubPac is one of my favorite pieces of gear I’ve gotten my hands on – I was hooked after the first listen. I’ve been getting writing, engineering and even mastering work done on the road… and now I never listen to my DJ promos without it.” – Salva

“The SubPac is amazing! Makes such a difference being able to feel the low end at all volumes, and you also get a great reference to any sounds that might be slightly fighting in the mix that you would otherwise miss on monitors. I think my mix downs are going to greatly benefit from this highly recommended addition to the studio!” – Phaeleh

“The SubPac adds a whole new dimension to music, I enjoy listening/creating music even more now.”    – Giraffage

“The SubPac has made producing music on the road so rowdy. Not having to rent expensive studios and being able to produce quality beats has been huge! Every one needs to be able to feel that sub.”     – Mansions On The Moon

SubPac S2 in theatre

“The SubPac is exciting. I’ve been using one in my studio and we’ve just done our first Audio Visual installment utilizing the packs at a sold-out movie theater in Los Angeles. The potential with this thing is wide and the company behind the technology is constantly moving forward.” – Eskmo

“SubPac has changed everything in how I listen to music and has helped, production wise, in feeling the relationship between the kick and the bass.” – V.I.V.E.K

“I absolutely love SubPac -really helps with mixing down low frequencies, especially in headphones or when you’re on the road. It’s light enough to bring on tour with me so that’s really helpful. And on top of that it’s just FUN for listening to music with! Adds a body component that you usually only get when you’re listening on a huge system.” – Chrissy Murderbot

“The first thing I loaded up on the SubPac was a Mala tune. The SubPac brought back memories of a dark and pounding Plastic People, a place that motivated me to become a DJ and Producer. It is now a vital part of my studio setup and I am finally able to feel those frequencies that are so vital to my music. It’s brought the club to my home without the deafening after effects.” – Ikonika

Says it all don’t it?

Make your purchase here


*Back in the dawning day of Fabric’s existence, messy girls surging for love-sensations would sit on the ground in room 1, the subs underneath the floor delivering ecstasy as sexual as it was drug/music induced. I’ve never witnessed anyone abusing the physical nature of Fabric’s audio set-up for orgasms of a bass’y kind, but I hope that one day I’ll find someone puddled on the floor after a session of Amon Tobin’s latest Dark Jovian business

Your thoughts?

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