Pre-order the Kiyoko EP Vinyl Repress

2 years ago we, the people, were melted by the sultry sounds of Apollo Records‘s Synkro & Bering Strait, working under the Samurai Horo imprint, as the beautiful Kiyoko.

The strictly-vinyl-release pair stole the hearts of the quiet audience; those more inclined to hammocks and cocktails, cloud watching and drink sipping, gentle contemplation over eye boggling mid-rave paranoia, head banging and sweat wiping.

The collaborative project was and still is, a rare delight, popping up on the occasional Sun & Bass line-up, slipping in for limited releases and only touching down on those with a pair of turntables… CD’s & USB’s have no place here.

Perhaps I’m a massive dick head, I only just wrote a massive piece on resisting vinyl buys from Ninja Tune during the exclusive RSD race, how someone, i.e. me, without vinyl decks, shouldn’t be snatching up exclusive vinyl releases – they should be leaving them for those with the equipment to play and listen to them, how it might be seen as band wagon jumping, greedy and just downright silly!

Yeah well fuck that article!

Ever since I first came across this release I dreamed of owning a copy on wax, keeping it locked away safely for the day when I finally get my pair of turntables, peel open the sleeve and lay down some beautiful ambient noise…

I write this article part in argument to my own point made last week and part in suggestion that you get off your arse and pre-order a copy sharpish, because these puppies will be flying out the windows with unparalleled speed.

So, my argument here is, if you are 100% confident that you will one day purchase a set of vinyl decks, why not start building your collection now? Why not dive down the rabbit hole and invest in the culture, so that when the day finally arrives, you have a sweet collection of incredible music, sitting their ready to rock. I think having the collection makes the wait for the day even more exciting, and if anything, inspires you to push harder to the eventual goal.

This is a special limited re-press, and if, like me, you need a copy in your life, get on the buy NOW – here



Your thoughts?

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