Mix the Belt Episode 012: Hex – Winged Foes/Slugproof (Frustrate Remix) Promo Mix [TA:LTD]

Mix the Belt Episode 012 Cover Art

The Transmission Audio LTD imprint, TA:LTD, just delivered an absolute beasty of an EP from the big Glaswegian dog, Hex, and so we pulled him in to spin us a mix in honour of its arrival. Opening and closing with the two featured tracks on the EP, this one takes us on a Drum & Bass roller coaster through every wild avenue that there is:

The selection here includes tracks I’ve been feeling from across the spectrum of D&B, light and dark, heavy and minimal, liquid and tech. There’s some forthcoming bits in there from artists like None Decay, Crypticz, Tonic and Phentix alongside recent releases I’ve been enjoying, a few classics and of course my new bits for TA:LTD. Hopefully the Bite The Belt crew will enjoy the mix!…

Oh I’m sure they will Hex, I’m sure they will…

Get your copy of the EP here




01. Hex – Slugproof (Frustrate Remix) [TA:LTD]
02. Bredren & Philth – Ghost Palace [Blendits]
03. Spor – The Hole Where Your House Was [Sotto Voce]
04. Amit – The Hunted [AMAR]
05. Octane, DLR & Break – Murmur (DLR & Break VIP) [Dispatch]
06. Teddy Killerz – Teddynator [RAM]
07. Amoss – Skittles [Dispatch]
08. Yung E – Cosmic Dust [Nurtured Beatz]
09. Arkaik – Wax VIP [Diffrent Freebie]
10. Allied – Universe [Mindtech]
11. Olski – Look [Peer Pressure]
12. Mako – Do You Feel The Same [Warm Comms]
13. Calibre – Deep Orca [31 Records]
14. DLR – Ask The Question [Dispatch]
15. Goretekks – Silence Is Golden [Free Love Digi]
16. Phace & Misanthrop – Sex Sells [Neosignal]
17. Om Unit & Sam Binga – Transatlantic [White Label]
18. Cirrus – Ugly Variables [Alchemic Breaks]
19. Ivy Lab – Forex [Critical]
20. Stash – Belfast Tension [Transmission Audio]
21. Evol Intent – The Ladies (TBT Mix) [Evol Intent Freebie]
22. S.P.Y – One Last Quest [Hospital]
23. Reso – Move It [Hospital]
24. Rune, Kaiza & Hadron – You And Me [Transmission Audio]
25. Tonic – Prime Number [AutomAte Deep]
26. Xanadu – Ventricle [Dom & Roland Productions]
27. Phace – Digital Diet [Neosignal]
28. Hamilton – Feel The Fury [RAM]
29. Spirit – 107 [Blu Mar Ten]
30. HLZ – Duel [Warm Comms]
31. None Decay – Lithium [None Decay Music]
32. Crypticz – Magnets [Inflect AUdio]
33. Noisia – Banshee [Vision]
34. Survival & Silent Witness – Trust No One [Dispatch]
35. Soul:Motion – Lonely Road [Rush Records]
36. Colossus & Imprint – Broken Chains [Rogue Beatz]
37. Phentix – Dramatic [In:Deep]
38. London Elektricity – Vapour Trails (LSB Remix) [Hospital]
39. Fracture & Chimpo – Hard Food [Metalheadz]
40. Fade – Error [Faded Music]
41. Hex – Winged Foes [TA:LTD]


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