Submerse – Gloom

Gloom Cover Art

The incredible Submerse, as previously heralded for his harrowing/dreamlike video for single, Approaching Ends, from the Slow Waves album, is once again poking a floating head out from the Project Mooncircle clouds in the form of a new EP, Stay Home.

He’s taken to the promotional legends/brand/events group/experience, Boiler Room, to début the teaser single, Gloom.

When Submerse dove into his aforementioned first album, he was fresh-faced in the city of Tokyo. Perhaps a sense of distance from reality, in his gradual acclimatisation yet to begin, was the prominent note in his music. Whereas now: the aptly named Stay Home EP celebrates stability and absolute comfort in his surroundings.

“Back living in Shibuya on the 9th floor I can see day turn to night and watch the city breathe”

– Submerse

Gloom resonates those words like an echo shimmering in bokeh – the perfect mirror of how I’ve had it sat on beautiful repeat for the past hour or so. You know a track is something worth the while when it can play continuously and not only please but progress in its being with every play.

Gloom is the timelapse of the city scape from a closed window. It is the skittering & shuffling of soft hats over warm pads as it is the RnB reminiscent gentille vocals of comforting nostalgia. This city is yours.

Landing on 25/05/2015

Stay Home will be available on limited Wax copies & limitless Digi via Project: Mooncircle. Digi HERE. Wax HERE

However, limited edition CD copies* featuring a special bonus track will be available via the Japanese fula records – here

*It would seem that, in the face of the returning Vinyl tide and the swamping of digital over Compact Disc, certain labels are putting a respectable effort into celebrating the depleting industry via Limited CD copies of particular releases featuring content exclusive to the Compact Disc version, which is pretty cool if you ask me and a nice nod to an important part of music trade history. Another, of which, you can grab here via Different Music.



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