Long Arm – Night Of The Million Crickets

In one week, tomorrow, Long Arm will release his sophomore album on my every-increasing-favourite, Project Mooncircle. The album is titled Kellion, “-the story of a young boy who was born into a mysterious world… His young mind is sometimes blurring the lines between imagination and reality, dreaming and being awake, reality and fantasy.”

Today I bring you the second-to-last closing track of the album, Night Of The Million Crickets. What imagery does it conjure up in our adult minds in contrast to that of a child? For me the dusty hue is grey but the warm notes of plucked strings and wood-winds combined with the melancholic plinks of a xylophone-calling instrument, they culminate to cover me in a sense of whimsy and travel, though an ominous presence of shadowy doubt, ever present, in the sad core that is the track’s soul.

This gentle jazz progression eventually collapsing into a frenzied bridge of signature-less instrumental freedom, a whistling pipe wavering in the distance, to disperse and crescendo into the return of the previous body of the track, though further reaching with high notes and additional sounds: the night of the million crickets that spiral from the wide-spread corn-fields into the navy, starlit, open skies.

Stream snippets of the full bizarre macabre, Kellion / The Stories Of A Young Boy, here

And pre-order yourself a copy here – due for release on 05/05/2015

More Project Mooncircle Here, Here, Here, Here & Here


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