Breach – Dim Sum EP

Dim Sum AUS1578

You think this is all lollipops and rainbows? “Deep” Ass and wobbling, bobbling bass-driven melodies made on five-finger keyboards? The bestest new club muesli for your post-pop-RnB love-affair with candy coloured ecstasy & insanely boshed cocaine? 4×4 beats built on the reem-machine’s shuffling foundation?

Fuck off cunt.

Breach (A.K.A Ben Westbeech) is back and he’s packing Amsterdamish fire. The Dim Sum EP is Westbeech’s tumble down into psychedelic oblivion. His Hertfordshire routes tarnished by a life living in a European, electric-capital storm and a bundle of new analogue synth equipment.

The EP takes us on a fuzzing journey through progressive, warm, rumbling, analogue crispiness – dashing any dacefloor with a pure-fed need to groove on as hard and for as long as possible. The perfect addition to the long line of night-feeding elements spat out by Will Saul‘s Aus Music.

This one got a premier on Mixmag, talk and insight through Vice’s Thump, it landed on one of the most prolific labels in 4×4 fantasticnes and now here we are – giving it the hat-tip on the sweet old BtB.

It’s rich, it’s delicious, it’s techy and obscure, it’s warm and it’s hypnotic – you’ll loose yourself the second it enters the room.

Landed yesterday, 27/04/2015, so you can grab a copy right now by clicking here



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