Lilith Ai – Hang Tough [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

When those clouds break and that great flaming gas-ball dashes the hungry earth with a most pleasant life-force, that us Sapienas Homotiumus (imagined scientific name) cherish so dearly, we see the world around us burst into life.

Not to put a downpour on the huddled romance of rain falling on an open lake or pattering against a windowpane, not to steal the thunder of a mighty storm or hoover up the mystery and grace of low-lying fog-alicious mist, but the biological reality of the life-giver, the sun, in tandem with us visually poor, warmth-craving creatures, is this: out of all the weathers, we can’t help but love that big old burner the mostest.

For me, down in the warmest and driest part of the UK, the good ol’ Saaff East mate, our grey days are slowly shifting, the wind is losing its bluster and the sun-shine is coming on strong – day by day. I’ve seen a few grand BBQ’s already, tans are popping up hearty and brown and the evenings are ending with a bright setting sun: orange glow kissing our Essex/Suffolk country-tickled land.

And what better way to compliment the weathered feeling than with rich, warm, soul-touching grooves from a straight-up London gal?

Well, that’s right… there is no better way!

So turn your faces to the début single from Fight Like A Girl’s Lilith Ai, on the wonderful Lo Recordings. Lo and behold the fantastic rhythms and smooth lyrical manoeuvres – Hang Tough.

Pre-order the release, due to settle one week today, 4/5/2015, here



Your thoughts?

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