Roots Manuva, Machinedrum, Rashad & Four Tet Shit

Movin Forward Facety 211 Blended Art Works

Rodney’s back in fully-formed action with, of course – how could they not be? – two iconic legends of the electromatic market: Four Tet & Machinedrum.

Ninja Tune’s Big Dada “underground hip-hop/Black Music – whatever that means” label will see the return of the UK king of cool on the 04/05/2015. But they knew you sweaty little tripes couldn’t wait that long and so the digi-media-tycoon, Vice, handed over the Noisey music-house to premier the two treats that make up the approaching danger that is Facety 2:11.

Four Tet getting wild and grimey, dutty and bassy, as he has often dabbled in the past. The melodic techno head tickling Roots’ style in perfect balance. Then the US power-house, Machinedrum, applying a hip-hop soul to muddle a more sunshine-targeted groove that kisses you sweet on the cheeks, chorus in hand.

A slick spring singer with a glimmer of the approaching warm summer sure to slap a Manuva smile on your face.

Pre-order on 12″ & Digi here

But let’s not stop the beat train there! Oh no! Because there’s more to dive into here than first meets the eye…

On the 26/04/2014, a year ago on Sunday, a portion of the world mourned the loss of an innovator in the electronic scene. The death of DJ Rashad was a heavy blow to fans, friends and colleagues alike, and for the Tek Life crew, it was right there in the “heart break” section.

Tributes have flurried in all forms from artists of all kinds, celebrating the life and teachings of a Chicago-bass pioneer. In the spirit of the man’s un-breaking spirit and his repetual life-motto, the aforementioned Machinedrum has finally summoned up the power to honour his close friend.

Movin’ Forward is an unreleased collaboration of works from Machinedrum and Rashad, plus two exclusive unreleased pieces from MD that were wholly inspired by Rashad and the Tek Life crew.

I called it “Movin’ Forward” because I know Rashad wants everyone he touched to keep pushing themselves and follow in his footsteps on the path he had been creating all these years. I’m proud to have known him, shared the stage with him and to have collaborated with him. May his sound and spirit continue to inspire and spread through everyones speakers! Teklife to tha next life!!

– Travis Stewart (Machinedrum)

Understand is the first track off of the collection and you can pick up a copy tomorrow, 24/04/2015, with 100% of the proceeds going to Rashad’s family and estate.

Big ups to Big Dada & the Roots Manuva on an incredible return.

Huge love to Four Tet & MD for getting involved.

Massive ones to Machinedrum for compiling the tribute collection

And RIP DJ Rashad – still a king



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