Fearful – Mechanism EP

Mechanism EP

This one dropped at the end of last month but only surfaced on my radar just this hot second.

CD Exclusive…

Yeah what? Record Store Day just creeped on past and vinyl heads around the world rejoiced, with band-wagon jumpers and die-hard crusties alike, in the ever-swelling torrent that is the return of the wax collector. Digital: rolling around, chortling like a child, eyes glistening in the whimsy of a future that seems so bright. And between the two, the hardened vinyl and the fresh-faced digital, stands a scratched and broken format weeping in its imminent demise.

Which is why I tip my hat off to Dexta‘s giraffe-lab, Different Music, slipping out a fucking disgusting EP from Fearful, complete with two “CD Only” exclusive VIPs. It’s either a semi-funny ironic joke spat in the face of the “Digital Exclusive Track”/”Vinyl is fucking awesome again!” era or a nod of respect to a format that we’re all slowly forgetting: a format that held a musical globe on its plastic shoulders for a good portion of long-lived years. Or is it all of those things, and more, rolled into one fantastically ridiculous release: The Mechanism EP.

listen to the 4-track digital copy below

It may have been an “I scratch easily”, brittle little fucker but the CD was, at a time, a revolutionary. Music in compact format; sleeves still abundant, artwork to enjoy and little pamphlets of lyrics and trivia. A little shiny cousin of the record, the pushing-Forty, once-was-but-now-un-cool uncle of the Digital whizz-kid.

What is it now but a plastic box under the bed filled with lonely cases, CD’s ripped onto hard-drives and handhelds to exist as its successor does, non-physical. Their empty husks gathering dust in the cupboard whilst their digitally copied souls are tossed between devices, their cover art absent and track titles missing.

How long will these two CD-exclusive VIP’s exist ‘exclusively’, before they are copied and shopped around the net? Probably not long at all, but the fact that they exist even at all, for the CD, is a thousand volumes spoken, in fantastic respect to a temporary king of the audio retail market. And what absolute monsters these two VIPs are…

Because I’m four weeks late on this one, if you, like me, are new to this EP, I’m afraid those CD copies, with their hand-painted covers and delicious exclusive numbers, are completely sold out. I bite my tongue to say; “don’t hunt for free copies of those VIPs man”… even if they are fucking sick as fuck!!… instead, buy a copy of the standard digital, which is still large as they come on its own four filthy feet, and hassle the shit out of Dexta and the Different camp for more copies of that wicked CD…

Or just accept that these were only meant to be owned by a handful of lucky bastards and you’re definitely not one of them.


Get the digi copy here






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