Dispatch Recordings 089: Digital – Red Alert / A Message / Maintain

DIS089 Cover Art

Shut up and bury your fettered faces into this chain-breaking three-track beast from a true master of the craft.

“since the label’s inception” Digital has been held in the up most regard, at Dispatch Recordings, and across the board. The Ipswich lad (nice and close to myself), now residing somewhere out in the far-east, if my memory serves me well enough, has been causing a system-overload within the scene for over fifteen years, always tied to dub-roots and its ominous presence inside of the 170 world, as opposed to its potentially more melodic-summer-jungle vibes.

Dispatch 089 has long been doing the rounds; A-side and lead track, Red Alert, a prominent figure on the current dance floors, its instantly recognisable chords setting a haunting vale over those in its presence. An almost empty clattering, raw-feel drum pattern echoes above dub-instilled snares. It is the dark haunting call that epitomizes the EP, the distant strings that you repeat in your mind, over and over and over and over…

A Message is the first of the B-side tracks, an extension of the dark themes of Red Alert, but with even more space. A hollow room dusted with floating particles of a manipulated white noise, fuzzing its way through a half-time stepping clock of drums that conjure images of a Burial-type figure, smashing those reverberating steel drums.

And we close with an uplifting piece co-written with Audio Habitat & Mad Vibes, Maintain, the floating change of pace. The electronic star-traveller, progressive and melodic.

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