PLASMA 003: Fre4knc – Chain of Command / Sinjek

Plasma 003 Cover Art

Last year, post interview with our main-man KeOSz, we brought you the down-low on the humongous PLASMA 002, from Melbourne’s Plasma Audio. The new-born label stepped up to the gate with the cinematic-sci-fi Slovakian and the UK’s legendary Sabre for their second release, following on from a first release, including tracks from Gamma and a big Safire, Amoss & Gusto remix from Icicle. So who have they got in for the third?

Well none other than the dangerous Dutch DJ/Producer Fre4knc – pronounced ‘Frequency’… makes sense now right? – a gent who’s slapped down dark spacious dubbafied rhythms for Presha’s Samurai, monsters for Noisia’s Invisible Records and Techy rollers for Ant TC1’s Dispatch; the list goes on and on. So best jump in to this’n and find out what we’ve got to deal with here…

The A-Side is Chain of Command and no surprises that this one is a dark and techy roller – it’s rumbling, grumbling and blowing hot air out of its nostrils, something to bob to and something I’ll casually duck to make room for the prize on the B-Side of the Plasma pit:

For me, Sinjek, is the button-pusher. Where Chain of Command bridges my imaginary set from one banger to the next, Sinjek is the spacious rift that we drift upon when all of the clatter around us has fallen to ash. It’s that raw drum-funkalicious notion, the sort of technician stance seen in Paradox or Fanu productions, the echoing dub-like rhythm. This here’s the one.

Get a Digital/Vinyl 12″ copy of PLASMA 003 at the Plasma Shop

The Plasma Collaborative is new on the block, but these guys are doing something cool! They’re not just a label but a brand: helping with audio design and mastering, developing music videos and whipping out a few bits of clothing too. The three releases from Plasma Audio, the subsidiary label, are just a heavyweight extra to an already and clearly credible collective of heads doing something good for the industry.

It’s now official, I’m going to have to buy the T-Shirt(s).



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