Cio D’or – All In All

In the early night of 4:20, whilst I was busy passing a sweaty controller around a room of dutifully leaned twenty-something-year-olds, trying to save Earthrealm from the impending dooms of both the Netherrealm and Outworld, FACT Mag was busy uploading a complete stream of an LP, due to drop on Semantica on May 19, to SoundCloud.

Once again we find myself with nothing much to give you other than the embedded stream itself, I’m no techno expert or even fledgling raver, I just like it – so instead, I’ll describe the core sound of the All In All LP: spacious, white-noise embracive/manipulative, atmospheric… LARGE.

A very dark, very lonely, very techno LP well worth investigating… despite the beautiful sunshine outside.



Your thoughts?

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