Mix the Belt Episode 011: DJ Mix R – Guest Mix

Mix the Belt Episode 011 Cover Art

We are back with yet another addition to the ever-growing Mix the Belt series – all of which you can easily check out here, on our Mix the Belt page – ace.

This time around, we hand the mantle over to a gent with a real hunger for heavy-weight nastiness…

Once was there a time when neurofunk was the growling king of drum & bass, a time not so long ago: the late noughties.

Now, mid-2010’s, in a 170 world absorbed by un-invasive, simplistic and minimal sub-frequencies, 808 clicks and the investigative dive into autonomic 85bpm tracks, sometimes we need a breath of fresh, rolling, nasty, techstep, jump up, neuro air…

And who better than Gemany’s Bass Wreckage resident, DJ Mix R?

Hazard, DLR, Ant TC1, Nymfo, Audio, Noisia: it’s all coming back to me…




01. DLR feat. Ant TC1 – The Grip [Dispatch]
02. Humannature – Way of the Underground [Promo Audio dub]
03. DLR feat. Fokus – Ask the Question [Dispatch]
04. Jam Thieves – Bomber Man [Radius]
05. Ljhigh – Native [Director’s Cut]
06. DRS feat. Jubei – The Puppeteer [Soul:r]
07. Command Strange – Pushed [Fokuz]
08. Nymfo – Coming Through [Dispatch]
09. dBrigde feat. Vegas – True Romance [Metalheadz Platinum]
10. DRS feat. Dub Phizix – Diablo [Soul:r]
11. Jam Thieves – Vacation [Radius]
12. Dub Phizix & Strategy – Buffalo Charge [SenkaSonic]
13. Mindscape & Hydro – Pest Kontrol [Dispatch]
14. BTK & Jumpat – Junkey Monkey [Cyanide]
15. Substension – AK47 [Renegade Hardware]
16. Ulterior Motive – Lost Contact [Metalheadz]
17. Noisia – Diplodocus [Vision]
18. Voltage – Making up the Numbers [Low Down Deep]
19. Liz-E – Need You [SGN:LTD]
20. DJ Hazard – Bricks Don’t Roll [Playaz]
21. Cabin Fever UK – Classic Number [Natty Dub]
22. Mindscape – No Escape [Syndrome Audio]
23. Audio – Headroom / Headroom VIP Mashup [Virus]
24. DC Breaks – Swag (Audio Remix) [RAM]
25. DJ SS – We Came To Entertain (Subzero Remix) [Formation]
26. Current Value – Fuel Up [Blackout Music NL]
27. Optiv & BTK – Shredder [Virus]
28. Skitt B – Stepping Time [Subsonik Sound]


Your thoughts?

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