Old Man Diode & Rick Holland – Morning Gate feat. Beth Rowley

The Old Man Diode & linguistic weaver, Rick Holland, have been popping out collaborative works together, over the course of a lengthy project, for a fair few winters now – and of course, the sweet and gentle Beth Rowley is never too far behind, picking up the gents’ cross-wired electronic-mayhem/poetic-heart fusion with vocals as beautiful as she is.

The closing instalment sees the gang stumble upon their humble beginnings, Holland’s influence: a shade carried on the wind of Rowley’s power-instilling voice – singing words “born in simple conversation” with Holland.

Clanging, disconcerting but ever-more exciting crunching space noise bangs from Old Man D’s super-kit of digital destruction – a constant intermittent drone that opens Morning Gate in a state of disarray – to be joined by the low call of Beth as she draws you into the heart of the single, the bold temptress in the epicentre of Old Man Diode’s morning madness. And then, depending on what version you’re listening to, the electric fuzz breaks for, either, the skittering blasts of heavily chopped Amen’s OR the bionic-human-precision clatter of label co-owner Guy Wampa‘s live percussion mastery.

An anthemic single that has been the soundtrack to many a drive home from work in the UK’s glorious new-found sun, to dances ridiculous in my room, a sound you can’t help but sway into, belting out the choral chants of needing to feel some love. You dream of resting your head against the bosom, the Morning Gate surging through your body as we sing.

WW Records and their founding fathers, Old Man Diode & Guy Wampa, consistently deliver the absolute peng-a-leng-leng, no knees bend and no sacrifices made for artist integrity – this musical life-force blasting into the spectrum with no holds barred – everything on show for a world of wide-eyed deer to dart in front of.

The shutters that strobe and blind in the featured video: an effigy for the spirit of that crashing WW assault – they will make music that breaks the mould and shakes the floor of every arena, if a few deer are left on the side of the road at the end of it, then so be it.

the above is our latest episode of Mix the Belt, brought to us by Old Man Diode. An amen break focussed mix inspired by the studio version of the track

Get your hands on a copy here





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