Bank – The Ride EP [Soul Deep Recordings]

Bank The Ride Cover Art

Soul Deep have been lurking around on my liquid radar for years now – popping in and out with gentle rolling liquid gems, always so grooving, so solid and so sexy, but, obscenely so, never concreting themselves in my roster of go-to labels. Why? Not really sure if I’m honest, considering that the L.A. label is a long-established beautiful beast that’s been delivering elegant beats-a-plenty for as far back as I can remember…

So, not for the first time and certainly not the last, I turn my attention to the label on their latest release from a producer unknown to me, Bank, titled The Ride EP.

And let this be the change – I’m finally and officially locked on Soul Deep, 100 percentiles.

The EP delivers four tracks that for me, are the perfect pace-makers, the perfect liquid rollers. Drum & Bass to groove to in that early-evening set, warm sand between toes, zoot on the burn.

Nothing overly complex, nothing ground-breaking, perfect in its piano-driven gentle nature.

Soul Deep Recordings are well worth the investigation, a past and present home to many incredible ‘under the radar’ loves like dRamatic & dbAudio, Soul:Motion, Duoscience and Blue Motion.






Your thoughts?

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