Howard – Money Can’t Buy

Howard Money Can't Buy

There’s an album on the way, and a beautiful one at that.

You’ve heard of Folktronica right? Of course you have, it’s exactly what it says on the tin: Folk/(elec)Tronic-a(lriiight!?). A simple blend of sultry (soft)folk; the kind of acoustic strumming done by scraggly beard donning 30-something-year-olds, smoking cowboy rollies (roll-ups) True Gritstyle underneath an old oak tree, pondering the babbling brook and the flitting light that tangles in the pines above stuff – crossed with gently pressed synthetics, electronically altered and amplified – a strange juxtaposing unification of two opposing musical formats: the stripped back and rawganic folk movement vs. DAW processed, coded and mapped digital mechanics.

A great up-tempo but considerably more club-friendly example of the genre would be the Hewn EP by Project Mooncircle’s Groeni. No surprises that the track in question there is called; ‘The Oak’… Oh folktronica – you predictable but harmlessly lovely and naturistically poetic sausage you!

It’s like all genres; it’s got its fair share of the good, the bad and the funky. And when we look at Brooklyn’s Howard – well – those guys are bang on the excellent mark.

This here is the single that has risen to millions of plays across Spotify, thanks to the support from NPRConsequence of Sound, and Indie Shuffle, but more so due to the simple fact that these guys can touch a melancholic soul in a heartbeat – and it would be hard to ignore the Chris Martin echoes in the leading vocals, a subconscious reminiscence of the internationally renowned pop-rock and soft gentle “wrist-slitting” piano depression that may well have played a credible role in steering the evolution of Folktronica – assumptions only here.

Money Can’t Buy is a beautiful number well worth a sunny Tuesday listening – if you like it, then turn your ears to the album where the single lies: Religion – produced over the course of multiple years, in its entirety, by the three band members; Howard, Myles & Chris. One additional bonus bundle of fantasticness to further compliment the lovely nature of the LP is that a portion of the cash generated from pre-orders will go towards an incredible charity called Musicians On Call – a charity that brings live music to the bedside of hospital patients. Well worth it.

Stream the Religion LP here

Learn more about the album from the band themselves and pre-order for loads of exclusives and special bits here



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