VUURWERK – Warrior feat. Sylvie Kreusch [Official Video]

Winning hearts around the globe in 2014 with the critically acclaimed and stunning live AV show, SXSW performance and hand meddling with remixes for the likes of Bon Iver, the Flemish trio VUURWERK are now nestled into the independent UK fun-house that is Lo Records (the same guys that brought us Astronauts and the beautiful Skydive).

Lo & Behold bring us VUURWERK’s latest werk in the form of the Warriors EP, a compromise of VUURWERK’s dark and crushing electronics in romance with the soft angelic grace of Sylvie Kreusch – vocals so soft and kind.

This is some sort of fringing electro-pop – though on the greyer, sadder and more techno-club-friendly side of the culture. Crisp and clean, frightening and thoughtful.

Buy your copy on Boomkat here



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