Mix the Belt Episode 010: Old Man Diode’s Amen Only(ish) Morning Gate EP Promo Mix [WW Records]

Mix the Belt Episode 010 Cover Art

Oh sweet heavenly father, we say unto thee, give us thine glorious broken beats so that we may shout with voices of thunder, so that we may descend into the deepest reaches of the oceanic void, so that we may bathe in the fiery hearts of this world’s volcanic mountains – as do the gods.

WW Records‘ co-owner & co-founder, Old Man Diode, is about to drop a terrifying, fuzzy, electronic-retro-pop, technastilicious-disaster of a bomb on us – and he’s doing it with his incredible partners of so many previous crimes: the beautiful Beth Rowley and Rick Holland. It’s called the Morning Gate EP.

In anticipation of the release and in celebration of the studio version of the track, which has a heavy, chopped Amen-focus, OMD has decided to drop us a mix inspired, entirely, by the legendary Amen Break.

Broken rhythms from so many of the past electronic eras; from the dawning days and the classics to the largest of the now – this one goes absolutely off!

I said I’d avoid writing “bangers” as a part of the description but Jesus Christ – absolute fucking bangers!!

Amen Brother…

Support the remaining member of The Winstones, original creators of the Amen Break, by donating here –www.gofundme.com/amenbrother

Purchase the Morning Gate EP here





01. Demons theme – LTJ Bukem
02. Continuum – Akkord
03. Hackney Parrot – Tessela
04. Hello Darkness – Hate
05. Drop The Vowels – Milllie and Andrea
06. Terrorist – Renegade
07. Leave Things – Shed
08. Original Nuttah – UK Apachi and Shy FX
09. Chronic 3 (itoa edit) – Ray Kieth
10. Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid – Squarepusher/AFX
11. Venus No. 17 – Squarepusher
12. Natty – Mark Pritchard
13. Automatic Truth – Amen Andrews
14. Fade 2 Black – Souljah
15. The War – Om Unit
16. Kloakin’ Device – Krust
17. Outa Endz VIP – Dom and Roland
18. Öngyilkos Vasárnap – Venetian Snares

One Old Man Diode mix not enough? You can listen to the Mix the Belt episode that he put together for us last year right here


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